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This blog poorly maintained by Brian Lebakken

Welcome to, the first blog dedicated to the Minnesota State Fair. Since 2000, I've attended the fair (almost) every day. Why?  Because I can, I want to, and I have OCD.

Thanks to Covid, I missed both the 2020 and 2021 fairs, but this year...  I'm back.  At least some of it...

Click on a day to see pictures of that day, or go back in time to previous years' fairs.

What people are saying about


"If all the idiots in all the villages left their villages and formed their own village of idiots...  In that village, Brian would be the village idiot."


 - Village Voice


Daisy Mae (back left), Sammy (front)[passed away in 2020], Maddy (right) [passed away in 2015]

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